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knee pain, sciatica physical therapy

Being a former athlete, coming back from injury is always a challenge. Doing it when you’re older is even harder. You have no team cheering you on, no game that you’re striving to get back for. Just a 40 something trying to get back to the gym to do what they love. Workout! But when I found Trevor at MVMT, he and his wife became my new teammates. Cheering me on and getting me back to where I wanted to be. My first time to visit MVMT, I went in with knee pain that I had for months and the inability to straighten my leg. He suspected meniscus. But after just 2 weeks of cupping, dry needling, and doing “correct” exercises, I was able to straighten my leg and begin knee strengthening. My second visit I was dealing with sciatic nerve pain and loss of feeling. Again, within 2 weeks, I felt so much relief. I have great “teammates” – they are so attentive, knowledgeable, fun, and get you back to where you want to be!! Don’t go another day in pain – join the team!

Katie C Active Gym Athlete

Trevor and Erica are such personable and genuine people! I PowerLift and do CrossFit at CrossFit 920. I've been working with Trevor on my lower back pain, strengthening my right leg and shoulder stability. After one session of dry needling, the lower back pain went away. I used to wake up every morning with an achy back but after a few sessions that has lessen so much to none! No more aches and leaning slightly to the left when I squat! I've been incorporating more shoulder exercises and accessory work; I recently bench pressed my old PR weight for a set of 3. I haven't passed that weight in a long while so I was incredibly shocked. This just shows that the work they do is amazing and life changing. The little details make a big difference!

Pakou L CrossFit/Power Athlete

pelvic floor health

I have had only 3 sessions with Erica (which includes the initial consultation!) and I have had more relief from my chronic neck/back pain than I did with 5 months of PT through my insurance. I’ve suffered with this for 5 years and it has been so debilitating at times and affected my ability to play with my kids, work, and do the hobbies I used to love. Finally having pain relief after so long is amazing but being able to start to strengthen my back muscles again is the best part. I finally feel like myself and I can start to see athlete that I used to be come back! I can not recommend Erica enough! Her knowledge base is phenomenal and it shows in how quickly she addressed my problems and treated them. I only wish I had found her sooner so I didn’t have to suffer and miss out on the things I enjoy for so long.

Abby G Pregnant Momma

Frequently Asked Physical Therapy Questions

The first difference starts before you even walk through our doors. We start everyone with a 20-30 minute free phone consultation. No, you won’t be talking with a front desk rep or have to go through an automated recording system. You talk with either Dr. Erica or Trevor. This gives you clarity and ensures that we are the best fit for your issue. If not, we’ll work with you to find exactly what you need. Your health is our top priority from the get-go.

The second biggest difference is that we work with you one-on-one for a full hour, 1x/week. There is no overlap with 2-3 other patients. We don’t work with you for 15 minutes and then hand you off to a rehab tech. We don’t hand you a generalized PDF document full of non-specific exercises. Everything we do is tailored to you and always with your best interest in mind. We work with you to achieve your goals. We are a team!

This is a great question. We are not in network with any insurance provider because sadly they do not let us work with clients the way we have found to be the most successful. That being said, we can absolutely check your insurance benefits. Many of our clients do get reimbursed for a portion of our fees if not the entire amount. We can have our staff to look up your benefits and get you a really good idea of how much you can expect to get back from your insurance company.

Your first visit is our initial evaluation. We’ll spend the first few minutes simply listening to your story and letting you tell it. We listen because we have the time to do so and it’s the most important thing we can do for you. Then we get into our objective evaluation and movement assessment. This allows us to find out not only where your pain is coming from, but why it started and how we can get rid of it. You’ll get the answers to all of your questions. Then, together, we determine the best course of action to get you pain free and back to the activities you love.

Every visit from there on will build on the previous visit. We outfit you with 3-4 exercises to complete at home to build on the progress we made in-clinic. We’ll always start with a recap of the previous week and then we attack. We can use a combination of manual therapy techniques such as dry needling, joint mobilizations, or any hands-on work that may be necessary. The remainder of the time is spent in the gym getting you moving better, getting you stronger, and making you more resilient, in order for you to hit your goals.

Absolutely not! This is a myth that needs to be busted. The traditional medical system is built on people being reactive, meaning, they can’t help you until something is already wrong. While we do help many people get out of pain, we want to educate the public on being proactive rather than reactive. This is why most of the people that invest and commit to improving their health progress to our performance continuity program because they now know how good they can feel and they never want to go backwards! If you are not currently dealing with a specific injury, but may “feel things here and there,” let’s get you in so these incidents don’t turn into injuries, taking you out of your activities!