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Do you suffer from Back Ankle Knee pain?

Don’t look any further for the best physical therapy in Green Bay! We help athletes and active adults move better and recover from injuries faster, keeping them in the activities they love!

Our physical therapy and sports medicine clinicians have helped people of all ages and fitness levels – from CrossFit athletes, hockey athletes, high school and collegiate athletes, to parents that want to stay fit in order to keep up with the kids. The one thing we make sure you know how to do is move efficiently and take care of yourself. Our goal is to help you live the life you want free from medications, frequent doctor visits, and constant aches and pains.

Physical therapy evaluation Green Bay WI
Physical Therapy Green Bay WI
Trevor and Erica Folker, Physical Therapy in Green Bay

Struggling with shoulder pain?

Here’s a (R)EMOM of Big AT’s “rehab” today

The patient had never completed a muscle up before and this was two hours after his second appointment with mvmt. big accomplishment!

Big AT was looking for physical therapy in Green Bay after experiencing right shoulder pain over the past three years. He started to avoid things like bench press, push-ups, and had pain sleeping on his right side. He’s also dealing with some left knee pain with squats and lunges.

Solution? Specific manual therapy techniques and customized mobility/strength/stability work with us. We dry needled certain tissues that were restricting his mobility and followed it with joint mobilizations, then sent him home with specific exercises.

At his second visit today, he’s completely pain free in his shoulder, with full mobility. Now we zero in on stability and strength.

His knee pain? Due to poor stability at his hips/knee. Add some resistance with specific cues and the pain was eliminated. Is he “cured?” No. He has some work to do, but the pain can 100% be resolved.

It’s important you work with people that take the time to hear your story, find the issue, and then know how to get rid of it. If you’ve been living in pain, it’s time to contact us.

Shoutout to our athlete Anthony for putting in the work

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Don't just take our word for it!

Bennett, hockey athlete

I would highly recommend MVMT! I was struggling with ankle strength/mobility issues and low back pain. I noticed a difference after the first session. I have had these issues for a number of years and have tried other places, but did not feel much of a difference. MVMT went above and beyond to make sure I would be ready for my season. Trevor is extremely knowledgeable and willing to help with whatever issues you are experiencing.

Bennett W. Hockey Athlete

Haley, cosmetologist

I had my first appointment with Erica yesterday to help relieve TMJ pain I’ve been dealing with for the past year. Erica is extremely knowledgeable and took her time and explained everything she was doing! She went above and beyond and I will definitely be back!

Haley H. Cosmetologist

Mason, professionally hockey athlete

I’m a professional hockey player who was struggling with some knee pain and had no structural damage identified after getting an MRI. Did some manual therapy with our trainer and some basic exercises but nothing seemed to work. Trevor works up by where I train so I reached out. He gave me some exercises that helped while I was away and when I came in he was able to take care of my specific issue. Really enjoyed the dry needling as it seemed to be very helpful with specific issues and releasing the tense in that area; haven’t had any pain since. Really happy with my experience and highly recommend it to all athletes.

Mason B. Professional Hockey Athlete

Our 3-step process for physical therapy in Green Bay

Step One

We start with a thorough evaluation to determine the root cause of pain. We work with you to eliminate your pain as quickly as possible.

Step two, individualized plan

Step Two

You’ll get an individualized plan based on your diagnosis. We’ll start hands-on treatment and specific exercises to start attacking the problem.

Step three, back to activies

Step Three

Get back to the sports, workouts, and activities that you love! You will be equipped with the tools to take care of yourself for life!

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