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The Green Bay Health Project Podcast brings you an ecosystem of health and wellness professionals in the Green Bay area. We know the healthcare system is broken and we know that people don’t know where to turn or who to trust. Our goal is to be that resource. Your body is your best tool and we want to help teach you how to take care of it.

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The Green Bay Health Project Podcast from MVMT Performance and Rehab

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Peggy testimonial, runner

Erica took time to really assess my body. She identified the root cause of pain issues I was having in my hip from running and showed me how to do therapy at home to treat it. It was an eye-opener, as I would never have figured out on my own that the pain in my hip on one side was from a tight quad on the other side!

Peggy C. Runner/DEKA Athlete

pelvic floor health

I have had only 3 sessions with Erica (which includes the initial consultation!) and I have had more relief from my chronic neck/back pain than I did with 5 months of PT through my insurance. I’ve suffered with this for 5 years and it has been so debilitating at times and affected my ability to play with my kids, work, and do the hobbies I used to love. Finally having pain relief after so long is amazing but being able to start to strengthen my back muscles again is the best part. I finally feel like myself and I can start to see athlete that I used to be come back! I can not recommend Erica enough! Her knowledge base is phenomenal and it shows in how quickly she addressed my problems and treated them. I only wish I had found her sooner so I didn’t have to suffer and miss out on the things I enjoy for so long.

Abby G Pregnant Momma

Pat testimonial, gym, bike, skier

MVMT Performance & Rehabilitation was the correct place for me to go for rehab on my knee. Trevor, on my first visit, correctly identified the problem and applied necessary exercises. Within a week, I was seeing great changes. After my 4th visit, most if not all of the problem was corrected. Thanks Trevor! I definitely appreciated your dedication and knowledge! I would recommended you to all who work out!

Pat H. Gym Athlete/Biker/Skier

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