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The Green Bay Health Project Podcast brings you an ecosystem of health and wellness professionals in the Green Bay area. We know the healthcare system is broken and we know that people don’t know where to turn or who to trust. Our goal is to be that resource. Your body is your best tool and we want to help teach you how to take care of it.

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The Green Bay Health Project Podcast from MVMT Performance and Rehab

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Alfie, a hocky athlete

I do most Olympic lift training and had some serious trouble with my lower back and hip. I went to see Trevor and he immediately identified the problem and what needed to be done to fix it.

Alfie J. Hockey Athlete

Mason, professionally hockey athlete

I’m a professional hockey player who was struggling with some knee pain and had no structural damage identified after getting an MRI. Did some manual therapy with our trainer and some basic exercises but nothing seemed to work. Trevor works up by where I train so I reached out. He gave me some exercises that helped while I was away and when I came in he was able to take care of my specific issue. Really enjoyed the dry needling as it seemed to be very helpful with specific issues and releasing the tense in that area; haven’t had any pain since. Really happy with my experience and highly recommend it to all athletes.

Mason B. Professional Hockey Athlete

Amy, high school swimmer

My daughter is a swimmer and had pretty bad knee pain. She didn’t have an injury she could refer the pain to, but it kept getting worse so we took her to MVMT by referral. Trevor took so much time and thoroughly evaluated, diagnosed, treated, and worked with her. The first day we went to see him she was at a level 8 for pain and by the time she left she was at a level 3. Not even a week later after doing the exercises and strength training suggested, she was at a level 0 for pain and 2 weeks out still zero pain. What we love about MVMT is the fact that they look for the root problem, not a bandaid, but the why behind an injury and how to move forward with healing. They teach you and then give you the tools to apply at home for continued care and healing. We 100% recommend MVMT!

Amy Z. Mom of High School Swimmer

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