Our Physical Therapy and Rehab Mission

We founded MVMT Performance & Rehabilitation to provide you, the athletes and active adults, with what you truly need; tools and resources to perform at your highest potential.

We see the “traditional” physical therapy and athletic training clinics as more of a detriment to athletes due to the limitations and barriers of big hospital systems and insurance companies. The biggest issue being that you are not being put first.

Our goal is to see you throughout your different seasons and provide you with the best care to not only help you recover from injuries faster but to help you get stronger, move better, and arm you with the tools needed to get hurt less.

We will be the healthcare providers you trust, all while keeping you in the activities you love.

Trevor and Erica Folker

Why Cash-Based Performance Therapy?

Unbeknownst to a lot of people, out-of-pocket expenses over the course of therapy will, often times, be less expensive for our patients in the cash-based model than going through your insurance and the traditional physical therapy or sports medicine setting.

Shocked? Let us tell you a true story (although names have been changed) to help you better understand why we decided to open our cash-based performance physical therapy and sports medicine clinic rather than an insurance-based clinic.

First, let’s assume that both Matt and John have met their yearly deductible. Both are dealing with shoulder impingement (a common injury we have seen, especially in our overhead athletes) and they have both chosen to go with conservative care over injections (which has better long-term outcomes anyways). Unlike Matt, John has decided to use his insurance which has a $30 co-pay.

In our cash-based model, we usually see our patients 1x/week for an average of 8x during a rehab plan of care and then quickly transition to a performance and prevention-based plan of care.

To summarize: our guy Matt did spend $520 more than John, but filed a superbill for out-of-network reimbursement (yes, we can do this and can help you with it). Both of them were recovering from similar injuries, but Matt completed his care in a third of the time John did (10hrs vs 30hrs). Matt was completely pain free and back to workouts and all activities, completing any and all lifts while John was still having pain and told to ditch CrossFit and was left looking at “what’s next.”

Now, let’s say John hadn’t met his deductible – he would have spent $1,845 ($120 initial evaluation + $75/visit). This would have been $605 more than Matt, plus an additional 20 hours of less-effective care than had he gone through our services at MVMT.

Do you see it now? You will actually save time and money through our cash-based model (whaaaat?!) and achieve greater results.

Imagine finally being pain free. It’s more than possible.

What path would you choose to improve your life and performance?

Commit to us and we will get you back to living your best life!

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