3-2-1 Approach To Eliminating Tension Headaches

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The Scenario

You’re working out in the gym, just grinding. Have the Beats by Dre blasting the most recent mumble rap to top the charts, going for a PR on squat. You’re hyped. Beating your chest. You know you’re going to destroy this weight and can’t wait to tell your buddies about it later at the bar. 

You get under the bar. You un-rack the weight, start your descend, and next thing you know…BOOM! You’re stuck in the bottom position because you “felt something in your back.” Your first instinct is to fight through it. I mean, you can’t let the other people at the gym see you fail a PR after acting like a gorilla. You (surprisingly and luckily) get the weight up and rack it.

The next few days are grueling. You’ve never experienced so much pain and you hate being away from the gym. You decide to go to the doctor because you’ve got to get back on the grind. 

You see your primary care physician and they recommend an x-ray. Luckily, insurance covers that. The next step? An MRI. The Average cost for an MRI for low-back pain is $4,793.

This cost isn’t exactly explained to you beforehand, and your x-ray was covered so the MRI must be, right?! So, you get the MRI.

The results are back. You’re finally going to get an answer as to why you’re in so much pain!

They’re normal. 💩. You are sent on your way with a few prescription strength anti-inflammatories. You’ll also be getting a bill ~6 weeks later. Thank you very much. Have a nice day.

The Problem

Sounds terrible, doesn’t it? Well, it’s an experience I have gone through and it was terrible. However, there was a silver lining; it opened my eyes to the path healthcare was moving and I realized the kind of care I was receiving. 

This shaped our vision for the care we wanted to provide to our patients. I won’t cover the whole back story, but, if you are interested, you can get a glimpse here. 

What I would like to expand on for some a minute is why we decided to start our own business. If you related to the story above, or have a family member, friend, or third-cousin twice removed that does, you know how brutal the current system is.

It is not a system geared towards truly caring for people, working to reduce injuries, providing top-notch injury rehabilitation, or improving overall movement and/or mobility. It is about numbers. Plain and simple. 

It’s about getting people in the door, seeing you for a brief visit, sending you on your way, and billing you 6 weeks later. In fact, as of 2016, the average doctor visit was only 13-16 minutes in length. That is enough to say hello, hear what is going on, and write a prescription. 

It’s extremely unfortunate that people are not receiving the quality of care they need.

This can also be said about big clinics. You schedule a physical therapy appointment, expecting to be taken care of and work one-on-one with a doctor. The reality is, you will see a physical therapist, for a few minutes, along with one to two other patients, and then be passed on to a tech. There are a lot of great physical therapists out there and it’s not their fault. But, if they work for a big clinic, it’s about numbers. 

If you see an athletic trainer at your high school, what can you expect? A triage room with 10-20 other athletes at a time, all wanting the full attention of the athletic trainer. It’s not the athletic trainers fault that there is usually only one at each school. There is also no way for them to to single-handedly cover full athletic teams and see everyone.

Patient care is suffering. 

Quality of care is suffering.

The ability to spend time with and properly get to know, assess, prognose, and treat a patient is suffering.

People are paying more out-of-pocket for tests they don’t need, ordered by physicians and/or practitioners that didn’t take the time to listen. More and more people are simply being told to “just deal with it.” Here-in lies the problem, and we are the solution.

The Solution

We at MVMT Performance & Rehabilitation have experienced these issues, worked in these settings, and acknowledge the decline in patient care. We see and hear people dealing with pain and claiming it as their “normal” state.

Feeling pain isn’t normal. Working out with pain isn’t normal. Having pain while skating, running, jumping, playing ball with your kid, is not normal! We appreciate and respect the bravado, the grind, but you will never convince us otherwise.

So, what’s the solution?

We are and our beliefs are simple:

  1. Provide the highest quality of care. Yes, everyone says it, but we mean it and you will notice it immediately. You will not be kept in a waiting room for hours. You will be seen at your scheduled time. You will work one-on-one with a highly skilled clinician for a full hour. We will get to know you, hear you, explain everything to you, and devise a plan with you.
  2. Every individual will be treated as such and will receive care specific to them. We have a simple and effective three step process: 1) Evaluate and find the root cause; 2) Decrease your pain as quickly as possible, while attacking the root cause; 3) Educate you throughout the entirety of your treatments so you have the knowledge to never deal with that pain again.
  3. We believe everyone needs to be strong. Nobody can afford to be weak. In fact, strength will be implemented into everything we do. We are performance clinicians. We can and will use manual therapy techniques in our practice, but it will always be followed by strengthening.
  4. Every patient we see has a body, therefore making you an athlete. [Most] athletes work hard. You only get one body and it is up to you to take care of it. While we promise to give you motion you haven’t had in years, get rid of your pain quickly, and get you back to the activities you love, the results are ultimately up to you.

with day in and day out, we are strictly a cash-based clinic. No insurance to deal with.  No company or organization determining what we can or cannot do, or dictating the treatment you receive. No predetermined amount of visits. No bills six-weeks later.

So, what should you expect?

  • To reiterate the above, you will be seen one-on-one for a full-hour, every visit. Doesn’t matter if it’s an initial evaluation or a follow-up.
  • One single-cost, no matter what treatment you receive.
  • A tailored plan for your specific needs.
  • From the moment you walk into the door on your first visit, to the time you walk out for your last, you will be put first and receive the care you deserve, the plan you deserve, and have a good time doing it!


An added benefit? It typically takes much less time to resolve the pain or dysfunction due to the amount of time we get to spend with you.

We are in the business of building better, stronger, more efficient humans, helping you live your best life. We are determined to change the perception of health care; your perception of healthcare.

So, what do you say? Do you want to keep living in pain, taking medications, spending money on worthless doctor visits and imaging?

Or, do you want to take matters into your own hands and receive the care that you deserve?

The answer is simple, and we’re here to help you.

“Every champion was once a contender who refused to give up.”

-Rocky Balboa

Looking For More Help?

*This is helpful information, but it is general information. This is NOT medical advice. If you already have any injury, pain, tightness, etc., please seek help from a licensed and qualified healthcare provider like us, performance physical therapy in Green Bay. A complete solution for what you’re dealing with needs to be customized to all the different factors driving your pain, and those factors will be at least slightly different for each person. These strategies may help, but they’re not likely to be a complete solution for each individual reading this now or in the future.