Kevin F.
Fitness Athlete
December 30, 2021
fitness athlete, mvmt programming
Kevin F.

I’ve struggled with low back pain and tightness through my hips/hamstrings for what seems like my entire life. I had a tough time doing any lower body lifts with any meaningful amount of weight without my back flaring up and struggling to get up out of a chair for a few days. Having played college football these types of lifts were always essential and I felt I was missing a lot with post-sports life; I’d get in a routine, back would flare up, and I’d stop.

…I began working with Trevor on a workout program designed specifically for me and I have been able to get back to doing all the lower body lifts I love to hate. I have seen my weights increase over the course of the workouts and that is 100% due to me being able to move better. My limitations were causing me to plateau and Trevor’s plan and work has helped me push through those with no pain. If something does come up Trevor is incredibly acessible and willing to help work through those things with you.

…Working with Trevor has given me the joy of lifting weights again, knowing there won’t be pain afterwards!