Abby G
Pregnant Momma
August 2, 2022
pelvic floor health
Abby G.

I have had only 3 sessions with Erica (which includes the initial consultation!) and I have had more relief from my chronic neck/back pain than I did with 5 months of PT through my insurance. I’ve suffered with this for 5 years and it has been so debilitating at times and affected my ability to play with my kids, work, and do the hobbies I used to love. Finally having pain relief after so long is amazing but being able to start to strengthen my back muscles again is the best part. I finally feel like myself and I can start to see athlete that I used to be come back! I can not recommend Erica enough! Her knowledge base is phenomenal and it shows in how quickly she addressed my problems and treated them. I only wish I had found her sooner so I didn’t have to suffer and miss out on the things I enjoy for so long.