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Let’s talk about it – leaking while jumping is common but NOT normal 🙅🏽‍♀️

We have normalized incontinence in our athletic population and especially postpartum athletes.

We’re here to tell you that there are things you can do to decrease these occurrences and get rid of pelvic floor issues all together! 

Pelvic floor issues (things like pain, leaking, and prolapse) can really interfere with your fitness life, relationships, and activities as simple as laughing or sneezing. 

Whether you are pregnant or postpartum, you can do a lot more than walk and yoga. But we get it, figuring out how to get into activity again or even beginning can be a challenge.

At MVMT Performance & Rehabilitation, we do much more than kegels. Our pelvic floor physical therapy clinic in Green Bay WI is customized to you and structured to help you reach your goals.

With our pelvic floor physical therapy specialists, we work with you as a team to find a fitness forward program that works for you and your baby, regains your confidence, and gets you back to the activities you love.

pelvic floor, women's health
pelvic floor, women's health

Common Symptoms of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

🚨 Incontinence





🚨Pain with intercourse

🚨Poor core strength

🚨Diastasis Recti

🚨Lumbopelvic pain

pelvic floor health
pelvic floor health

Benefits of Pelvic Floor physical therapy Green Bay

✔️ Prepare the pelvic floor for labor and delivery

✔️ Treatment of low back, pelvic, and hip pain during pregnancy

✔️ Lower risk of incontinence

✔️ Muscle balance training and manual therapy

✔️ Guidance back to physical activity postpartum

Being pregnant is not a disability. You don’t have to stop doing the workouts you love. There are many ways to scale exercise as your body changes from first to third trimester, and ways to prepare your body for labor and delivery.

pelvic floor, women's health
pelvic floor, women's health

Don't just take our word for it!

fitness athlete, pelvic floor

I’m 36 weeks pregnant and able to follow my pre-pregnancy exercise regime thanks to MVMT Performance & Rehabilitation! I cannot thank them enough for the stretches they’ve prescribed and the weekly dry needling sessions they’ve done with me to alleviate the hip and glute pain I started experiencing in my 3rd trimester. Strength and conditioning training is a huge part of my life and without MVMT I would have had to step away from it temporarily. I have so much gratitude for their knowledge and services to keep me active!

Jenn E. Pregnant Fitness Athlete

What Is The MVMT Pelvic Floor Process?


We start with a subjective questionnaire on related history (pregnancy, labor/delivery, contraceptive history, pelvic floor symptoms, mental health, sleep, nutrition, and sexual health). Then, we complete a thorough movement assessment of all major movements like squat, jumping, lunge, and running. Next, we break it down into how each joint moves and look at how your muscle work independently and together.


Treatment consists of reducing pelvic floor symptoms while improving associated impairments found in the musculoskeletal exam and returning back to specific activity which includes squatting, jumping, and running. We’ll include modalities like manual therapy, dry needling, support belts, as appropriate. Then we’ll always follow that with exercise for stabilization or mobility, pelvic floor training, progressive loading, return to sport including running, pressure management, program scaling, 


It is important you know what to expect and we’ll always be 100% transparent. Even if a provider clears you for activity 6 weeks postpartum doesn’t mean you are mentally or physically ready to do so. You will receive individualized, 1-1 care with our Doctor of Physical Therapy. Also, you’ll get the help, guidance, and accountability needed so you can continue working out during your pregnancy. 

You don’t have to stop exercising because you’re pregnant. Let’s not sleep on these impactful benefits of pelvic floor physical therapy, but instead work together to find ways to keep you in the activities you love.

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