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Stress Free

We offer a completely free 20 minute phone consultation! This allows us to learn more about you, what you are dealing with, hear your goals, and make sure there is a mutual fit.

The Phone Consultation

During the phone call, we simply want to listen to you so we have a clear understanding, how MVMT can help you, and you can ask us any questions about what may be best for you and your health goals.


If after the conversation you feel we are the right fit for you, we can discuss what the appropriate next steps would be in your specific health journey.

Do The Things You Love!

Our goal is simply to help you get back to doing all of the activities you love, living a stronger, healthier life!

Free Phone Consultation Sign Up

Free Phone Consultation Sign Up

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What's Stopping You?

You live a busy life with time constraints from work and family. This makes it challenging for you to prioritize your health and wellness. You’re seeking a better, easier way to fit your needs into YOUR lifestyle and schedule. This is where we can help you.

What's Driving Your Health & Wellness?

We all have our “why” as to what drives us to prioritize our health and wellness. It’s critical to take a step back and ask yourself, “Am I doing all that I can to lead a healthy, meaningful, and active life?


Our 3-step Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine process

Step One

We start with a thorough evaluation to determine the root cause of pain. We work with you to eliminate your pain as quickly as possible.

Step two, individualized plan

Step Two

You’ll get an individualized plan based on your diagnosis. We’ll start hands-on treatment and specific exercises to start attacking the problem.

Step three, back to activies

Step Three

Get back to the sports, workouts, and activities that you love! You will be equipped with the tools to take care of yourself for life!

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