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Shoulder Pain Physical Therapy

  • Are you worried about annoying shoulder pain that doesn’t go away no matter what you’ve tried (like Google searches and YouTube exercises)?
  • Are you frustrated that other treatments like rest, stretching, or heat/ice haven’t worked?
  • Are you having trouble keeping up with your workouts, teammates, or kids and are missing out on activities you love?
  • Are you still looking for a long-term solution so you can finally rid yourself of the shoulder pain and get back to doing what you want?


If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you are in the right place!


shoulder pain, physical therapy

Many people in Green Bay suffer unnecessarily with annoying shoulder pain because they’re told…

❌ Just “rest it” and it’ll be fine (then months or even YEARS later they’re still suffering…)

❌ It’s “normal” with overhead lifting, bench pressing, throwing a ball, lifting a can of food into a cupboard

❌ If you take some pills everything will be fine.

❌ Injections, medications, or “stop the activity for 6 weeks while you rehab” are the only option.

The truth is:

‼️ Resting it doesn’t change anything. You might get a small temporary relief, but then when you get active again, you’ll still be suffering from shoulder pain (I bet you’ve already experienced it!)

‼️ It’s not normal to get shoulder pain with lifting, throwing, or picking up the kids!

‼️ Pain pills are addicting, dangerous, and can cause a lot of other problems with your body.

‼️ Medications, injections, and surgery are not the best options – they’re just the only option your physician/surgeon can offer you.

physical therapy, shoulder pain
physical therapy, shoulder pain

Benefits of MVMT Shoulder Pain Physical Therapy

✔️ Get back to exercising without fear of your shoulder pain coming back

✔️ Be able to get back to your sports and playing with your kids without the fear or your shoulder hurting

✔️ Learn how to move efficiently and take care of yourself

✔️ Get back to your pre-injury lifestyle you love

Shoulder pain is not a disability. You don’t have to stop doing the workouts you love. There are many ways to scale exercise as we work the problem together. 

physical therapy, shoulder pain
physical therapy, shoulder pain

Don't just take our word for it!

Ben, a Crossfit athlete, worked wtih MVMT

I was diagnosed with shoulder impingement and recommended for surgery. Not keen on surgery, I waited for 10 year or so before mobility and pain became a limiting factor in my progress in crossfit. I’ve been doing physical therapy with Trevor at MVMT for ~6 weeks now and I’m already seeing tremendous improvement in mobility and far less pain.

Ben D. Crossfit Athlete

Trevor and Erica are such personable and genuine people! I PowerLift and do CrossFit at CrossFit 920. I've been working with Trevor on my lower back pain, strengthening my right leg and shoulder stability. After one session of dry needling, the lower back pain went away. I used to wake up every morning with an achy back but after a few sessions that has lessen so much to none! No more aches and leaning slightly to the left when I squat! I've been incorporating more shoulder exercises and accessory work; I recently bench pressed my old PR weight for a set of 3. I haven't passed that weight in a long while so I was incredibly shocked. This just shows that the work they do is amazing and life changing. The little details make a big difference!

Pakou L CrossFit/Power Athlete

Commit to us and we will get you back to living your best life!

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