If you’re dealing with shoulder pain, you’ve found the right spot!

Bulletproof your shoulders

Guided Exercises…After working with a ton of shoulder patients, we have compiled these 6 exercises

Understand The Key Components…You will gain an understanding of why the cause of your pain is likely NOT coming from your shoulder

Easy To CompleteWe made this so you can complete these anytime, anywhere

  • Are you worried about annoying shoulder pain that doesn’t go away no matter what you’ve tried (like Google searches and YouTube exercises)?
  • Are you frustrated that other treatments like rest, stretching, or heat/ice haven’t worked?
  • Are you having trouble keeping up with your workouts, teammates, or kids and are missing out on activities you love?
  • Are you still looking for a long-term solution so you can finally rid yourself of the shoulder pain and get back to doing what you want?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you are in the right place! If you  love podcasts, we took a deep dive with Paula Brusky, PhD, of Aerial Dance to talk about shoulder health!

Many people in Green Bay suffer unnecessarily with annoying shoulder pain because they’re told…

  • Just “rest it” and it’ll be fine (then months or even YEARS later they’re still suffering…)
  • It’s “normal” with overhead lifting, bench pressing, throwing a ball, lifting a can of food into a cupboard
  • If you take some pills everything will be fine.
  • Injections, medications, or “stop the activity for 6 weeks while you rehab” are the only option.

The truth is:

  • Resting it doesn’t change anything. You might get a small temporary relief, but then when you get active again, you’ll still be suffering from shoulder pain (I bet you’ve already experienced it!)
  • It’s not normal to get shoulder pain with lifting, throwing, or picking up the kids!
  • Pain pills are addicting, dangerous, and can cause a lot of other problems with your body.
  • Medications, injections, and surgery are not the best options – they’re just the only option your physician/surgeon can offer you.


At MVMT Performance & Rehabilitation, we Specialize in Helping the Athletes Just Like You Move Better and Recover from Injuries Faster, Keeping Them in The Activities They Love, Pain (And Medication) Free.

A shoulder pain guidebook made for YOU

Learn How Common It Is

If you learn anything from us, please let it be this: you are not alone in your journey with shoulder pain.

It is so common, most people experience it!

Clear Cut Plan

Our bodies are made to move and there are certain degrees areas that we like to target to get quick relief from shoulder pain.

If you don’t move well, your risk of injury significantly increases!


Everyone needs to be strong. Everything we do with our clients is to make them stronger and more resilient to injuries.

In this book, we provide specific strengthening drills to get you started!

Don't just take our word for it!

Ben, a Crossfit athlete, worked wtih MVMT

I was diagnosed with shoulder impingement and recommended for surgery. Not keen on surgery, I waited for 10 year or so before mobility and pain became a limiting factor in my progress in crossfit. I’ve been doing physical therapy with Trevor at MVMT for ~6 weeks now and I’m already seeing tremendous improvement in mobility and far less pain.

Ben D. Crossfit Athlete

Bulletproof Shoulder Guide