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MVMT Performance & Rehabilitation was founded on the idea that the client comes first. Healthcare quality is at an all time low. Many people pay for healthcare not just with their money, but also with their time. Time is the most valuable resource we all have.

Our goal is to help our clients live a high-performance, pain-free life. If you like to do CrossFit, we’ll help you stay healthy while you train. If you love to play tennis, we’ll get you back on the court and keep you there so you enjoy quality time with your friends/team. If you’re a runner and have aspirations of doing your first half marathon, we’ll help you accomplish that goal!

We want our patients to know that we have their best interests at heart. We also want to be a resource for our community, coaches, athletes, and trainers around the world. We constantly put up new videos, podcasts, and blog posts to help our community stay healthy and perform at their highest level. 

Kaitlin DeBruin

Kaitlin DeBruin




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Erica Folker

Dr. Erica Folker, PT, DPT, LAT, ATC




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Trevor Folker

Trevor Folker, MS, LAT, ATC, PES




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back pain, running

I had set a goal for myself to run a 10K but worried I would struggle training for it as I have had back pain and I didn't want it aggravated. I met with MVMT for an initial consultation and Trevor immediately found areas I could improve on to not only help my back pain but to improve my running skills. After just a few sessions, I was feeling amazing with the work Trevor had done. I continued to follow the plan Trevor created and I completed the 10K in a time I was happy with and best of all, my back felt great! I went to a more traditional physical therapy clinic in the past and they paled in comparison to MVMT. The whole session at MVMT is spent working with your physical therapist. I cannot recommend them enough!!

Gail C Runner/Hockey Athlete

fitness athlete, mvmt programming

I've struggled with low back pain and tightness through my hips/hamstrings for what seems like my entire life. I had a tough time doing any lower body lifts with any meaningful amount of weight without my back flaring up and struggling to get up out of a chair for a few days. Having played college football these types of lifts were always essential and I felt I was missing a lot with post-sports life; I'd get in a routine, back would flare up, and I'd stop.

...I began working with Trevor on a workout program designed specifically for me and I have been able to get back to doing all the lower body lifts I love to hate. I have seen my weights increase over the course of the workouts and that is 100% due to me being able to move better. My limitations were causing me to plateau and Trevor's plan and work has helped me push through those with no pain. If something does come up Trevor is incredibly acessible and willing to help work through those things with you.

...Working with Trevor has given me the joy of lifting weights again, knowing there won't be pain afterwards!

Kevin F. Fitness Athlete

Nathain, active gym member

I went in very skeptical but was willing to give anything a chance because I was in so much pain, I thought living with pain would be my new normal. Thankfully, I put my trust in Trevor, it has been ten visits now and the pain is nearly gone, pain I’ve been dealing with for years. I just scheduled my next ten visits and am excited to see where I get. Four months ago I could barely roll out of bed and now Trevor has me doing deadlifts and back squats.

Nathain K. Active gym member

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