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Trevor and Erica Folker, Physical Therapy in Green Bay

Trevor Folker, MS, LAT, ATC, PES

You could describe Trevor Folker as an Athletic Trainer, but this barely covers the surface. Trevor was introduced to functional movement when a professor at Concordia University treated is chronic shoulder injury successfully. this became Trevor’s “Aha moment” in Athletic Training and in life. From that moment on, Trevor submersed himself in functional movement therapy.

Often you will see an Athletic Trainer use textbook methods to help a client. What sets Trevor above this description is his fresh approach to:

Viewing the client’s injury and then,
Healing/Dealing with the injury

Trevor believes in using the body’s natural biomechanical and functional movements to treat an injury. First, Trevor looks for patterns within the body. Oftentimes, there is a root cause for the injury. This may lead to one or more body parts compensating to correct itself for firing incorrectly. Only then can he get to the core of the injury and begin rebuilding from within.

Additionally, Trevor is fascinated with nutrition and the effect it has on healing both mind and body. Couple this knowledge to his functional practice and you see a bold new way of looking at this Athletic Trainer. Trevor’s driving passion is to help people live pain free so that they can enjoy life to the fullest.

As Trevor likes to say, “I’m Different, But in the Right Way.”

Erica Folker, PT, DPT, LAT, ATC

Dr. Erica Folker is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Athletic Trainer in the greater Green Bay, Wisconsin area. When you listen to Erica explain her career, the passion she brings to her work is evident. Erica helps people to reclaim mobility so that t hey can regain the control and freedom in their lives they once possessed.

As a Performance Physical Therapist, Erica is eager to guide a client to a healthier life. On the initial visit Erica seeks to understand the primary reason for the client visit. Erica’s extensive training has shown her that everyone is different: some people may be able to explain the problem succintcly while others may find it difficult to express. Having exceptional communication skills plus being compassionate lends itself well to building trust with a client. Once this is accomplished, then the true work can begin.

Erica develops a plan based on each new client’s goals and needs. She will closely study the movements her client performs daily. Sometimes it’s a specific job, or a repetitive movement that is the root problem for the injury. However, never far from the back of her mind is…what/where is the true cause of the pain?

Once the culprit is identified there will still be further study. For example:

How many body parts are constantly being overworked or underworked?
Are the joints only being exhausted or is the tissue surrounding these joints contributing to the problem?
What can be done with manual therapy?

For Erica this is an ever-changing puzzle which brings out her best investigative skills.

Erica is a huge advocate of using a combination of manual therapy, therapeutic exercise and neuromuscular re-education. Educating her clients to the importance of this concept is critical. When this goal is achieved, Erica is better able to serve her clients. Her approach then shifts to building on techniques and movement patterns. Experience has shown her that not only will this restore the chronic condition, it also builds stronger more effective muscles, nerves, tendons, and joints.

To sum it up, Erica is outstanding in her understanding and practice of Performance Physical Therapy. She seeks to understand the reason for an injury and then goes about returning the body to its peak efficiency.

You might say that Dr. Erica Folker fine tunes for optimal performance.

Don't just take our word for it!

Mason, professionally hockey athlete

I’m a professional hockey player who was struggling with some knee pain and had no structural damage identified after getting an MRI. Did some manual therapy with our trainer and some basic exercises but nothing seemed to work. Trevor works up by where I train so I reached out. He gave me some exercises that helped while I was away and when I came in he was able to take care of my specific issue. Really enjoyed the dry needling as it seemed to be very helpful with specific issues and releasing the tense in that area; haven’t had any pain since. Really happy with my experience and highly recommend it to all athletes.

Mason B. Professional Hockey Athlete

Nik, CrossFit Athlete

I was fortunate to find Trevor and Erica in a time when I had some minor but nagging aches. Before seeking treatment I had tried a bunch of other therapies to try to relive my symptoms, but it was more of a guess and test experiment. They took the guessing out of the equation with specific movement tests to see where the cause of the issue was rather than putting a bandaid on it by treating the symptoms. I’ve received both dry needling and cupping and saw great results from both. Beyond the treatment, they gave me additional exercises and protocols to continue after treatment that addressed muscle imbalances and ensure the issues didn’t resurface.

Nik P. CrossFit Athlete

Haley, cosmetologist

I had my first appointment with Erica yesterday to help relieve TMJ pain I’ve been dealing with for the past year. Erica is extremely knowledgeable and took her time and explained everything she was doing! She went above and beyond and I will definitely be back!

Haley H. Cosmetologist

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